An effective & fun approach to learning a new skill without having to invest in the materials needed (although guidance is given if you wish to pursue this form of art and need to purchase supplies).
Workshops cover a range of techniques appropriate to beginners, as well as those people with previous experience. Special Effects & 3D workshops are also available.
Student numbers are usually no more than 6 so that tuition is personalized & informative, and access to equipment is maximized.
Half or full day courses are usually based at Commonage Pottery & Gallery. (Contact: Gallery manager Japneet 08 97553300 or
Workshops for the Dunsborough area can be arranged.


Encaustic painting uses filtered beeswax, pigments, & damar resin to create the medium required to paint. Natural beeswax can acquire various shades, the lighter colour being best for mixing with light coloured pignments.

Pigments can be bought as powders, or extracted from oil paints, crushed ochres & rocks. Damar resin is obtainable in small lumps which can then be crushed into a powder before heating & adding to molten beeswax.

It only takes approximately 4-5 seconds for melted beeswax to dry, so speed is the essence of a successful brush stroke. Each layer of beeswax is fused into the layer below so that it becomes one solid piece of wax rather than separate layers. To finish off a painting, all that is necessary is a light polish with a soft cloth or tissue.

Colin resides in Dunsborough, Western Australia, & conducts encaustic workshops within the South-West region.
His paintings & greeting cards have been purchased by local, interstate & overseas visitors.

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'...the challenges of working with pigmented beeswax are rewarded by the colours and opacity which create depth...'